3D gaming & 4K video on the UP board

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Today we would like to provide an update on our testing of UP with 3D gaming and 4K video.
The X5-z8350 SoC belongs to the Intel ATOM family, and includes an Intel GEN8 GPU at 500MHz frequency. Referring to the table below which was included in our Kickstarter campaign ; you will be able to see where the UP board stands.
To visualize what these numbers means, let’s run a 3D game and see how the rendering goes. On this youtube clip , it shows the smooth graphic and fine details of rendering, the most important thing is that there is no lag. The performance is good.
Let’s consider 4K videos.  We received some questions from the community, who asked if the UP board can run 4K videos. Looking at the Intel x5-z8350 block diagram, it supports HDMI1.4b with max. resolution 1920×1080, MIPI DSI with max. resolution 1920×1200, and eDP 1.4 with  max. resolution 1920×1200 ; therefore the UP board cannot deliver 4K video output. However, it can play 4K videos.  Some of you might have noticed that I mentioned eDP. Yes, the UP board is going to support eDP panel, therefore we will have one connector which will serve both DSI and eDP, and you can use either one.

Aren’t you curious to see today’s video ? Let’s check it out !

UP board running 3D game, 4K movie

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