UP September Product Highlights

UP September Product Highlights

ShowUP Digital Signage Player

In partnership with Beabloo, we created the ShowUP digital signage player based on UP Squared. This tool allows more visibility for your products, engaging your customers and assists in promoting new services. ShowUP creates 360º marketing campaigns with a single click. In just a few seconds, you can now easily publish campaigns updating your social networks and digital signage screens with the latest offers and news about your business. With ShowUP omnichannel CMS, you will be able to manage a single screen or a network of screens individually or jointly. Our CMS supports all types of content formats such as video, image and text. The advantage is that content can be updated in a simple and fast way. With one click, your commercial is displayed on the signage screen, facebook, twitter and email spontaneously.

Benefits of ShowUP Digital Signage Player:

  • Optimize communication with customers through any channel by monitoring and managing them all from a single platform. 
  • Target your audience and provide interactive content. 

  • Invest less by using a single tool that manages campaigns across multiple channels. 

  • Increase sales by attracting traffic to your store with digital signage.

UP Squared AI Edge-Retail Suite by AIM2

UP Squared AI Edge-Retail Suite is a complete retail solution that extracts real-time insights and offers analytical statistics from video in a store environment. The solution comprises both edge and platform components to capture and analyse customer demographics (like age and gender), including behavior, and facial expressions for sentiment/emotions. The retail solution can also be set to “brand analysis” mode which allows retailers to see when certain brands are out of stock, optimize shelf placement, and other parameters.

Benefits of AIM2 Retail Suite:

  • Earn a competitive advantage by offering your customers a better experience, faster 
  • Measure, manage and improve conversion rate with an accurate and easy-to-use solution 

  • Save costs by using this tool to monitor inventory level, real time at the edge. 

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