HDMI + DP ports now available for UP Squared!

Let’s have HDMI+DP ports for UP Squared!

It was one of the hottest topics on our UP Squared Kickstarter campaign –
Which graphic output is bound to be the best option?

To answer this, we opened an online instant polling station and received almost 3000 feedbacks.
59% of you told us that you want to have HDMI+DP.

Your wish is our command!

We just finished the placement and schematics… 1x HDMI + 1 x DP is officially implemented into UP Squared to replace the previous 2x HDMI. Besides this, we also changed the position of USB3.0 OTG connector and RTC battery connector to avoid mechanical conflict.

You can see the updated drawing of what we have done. We probably will also implement some minor changes to optimize the board during the verification in Linux. There are still 9 days to go on our Kickstarter campaign! Let’s push the last mile to reach $150,000 to attain the stretch goal.

In the meantime, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!