Making UP a panel PC

We have something cool to share and it will be available in April—UP panel PC chassis. 

Many UP boarders told us that they were not aware of the industrial specification and fragility of the FPC from UP – Future Lab Display and accidentally damaged the FPC. Of course we understand that you really need a bracket to hold up your display, so something has to be done to rescue this unfortunate situation.

The FPC, as we understand, does not make it possible to hold the display in the right position causing irreparable damage. After we conveyed feedback of these ‘tragedies’ to our partner Future Lab, they came back to us with a solution. We have a beautiful chassis for the display, and it is almost ready for you to make yourself an UP panel PC.
The design allows you to easily access the UP board, so that you can continue your development on the UP board. The VESA mounting was also taken into consideration, so, with a VESA mounting kit, you are able to hang it anywhere. What we like most is the surface finish, it is going to be very sleek.

Are you as excited as we are and can’t wait to see it? We are going to show it at Embedded World, Nuremberg in March. If you have a chance to visit us, you can use the voucher code (below) to get a free entry pass. Now the chassis is at the final modification stage, if everything goes well, we will sell it in April at UP shop. Are you wondering if it will also be compatible with UP Squared? This is our goal, and we will update you on the progress of that later.

Building a panel PC by yourself has never been so easy!