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Stretch Goal €100,000: 2GB RAM + 32GB eMMC

Driving the best performance of the x5-Z8300, the UP board is going to have a new configuration with 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC. By having 2GB RAM+32GB eMMC, you can run your Windows 10 Pro and implement many applications in your Linux OS. This is the ultimate answer to excel the UP board performance.
Due to space constraints, it is not easy to have 2GB RAM by just adding more memory chips; however, we have listened carefully to your feedback, your applications and your ideas, and we are going to make it happen. We are in the process to realize the 2GB RAM and are looking at the different approaches. We need your support so that we can invest further in schematic or other design modifications if those are required.
UP board announces its new stretch goal of €100,000 to offer 2GB RAM features! We are grateful to all of the early backers who believe in us and have supported us from the very beginning stage; we would like to express our gratitude by offering free upgrade 2GB RAM+16GB eMMC configuration to the first 500 backers* who have already purchased the 1GB RAM+16GB eMMC configuration if we can reach our stretch goal.
For new backers, the new reward option of 2GB RAM+32GB eMMC will be offered. Of course, original reward of 1GB RAM+16GB eMMC will be still available to pledge.

Move UP , Scale UP ! 

2GB RAM UP board is coming !
*the first 500 backers is counting from the start of original pledge goal. The first 500 backers will receive notification from UP board for our gratitude bonus offer.