Navigating Industrial Automation with the New UP Element i12 EDGE

UP Element i12 EDGE blends precision-engineering with cutting-edge CPU technology to drive automation across industries.
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Synthesizing high-performance processing, rugged hardware, and a precision-designed I/O, the new UP Element i12 EDGE represents a new generation of edge system for the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and industrial automation markets. The UP Element i12 EDGE channels the hybrid architecture of 12th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors via an industrial-grade system framework with an I/O layout precisely designed to be conducive to AMR camera and sensor connections.

The I/O configuration of the UP Element i12 EDGE is tailored for AMR applications, equipped with multigenerational USB ports for 3D cameras and sensors. In addition, the device’s dual COM port hosts a pin header for RS-232/422/485 connectivity, enabling AMRs to utilize LiDAR and IMU sensor connections for enhanced object detection. To ensure precise positional accuracy, the UP Element i12 EDGE contains an isolated GPIO interface, which prevents issues caused by voltage surges from its connected sensors.

Powered by the Intel Alder Lake SoC, the UP Element i12 EDGE offers up to 10 cores and 12 threads, Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, and a selection of peripheral technologies for stable automated robotics applications. Equipped with Intel vPro®, the UP Element i12 EDGE adds convenient troubleshooting through OS-independent OOB management. With this, features such as KVM can facilitate remote debugging and software engineering solutions.

The UP Element i12 EDGE is an industrial-grade solution equipped to provide high-frequency computing anywhere. An optional phoenix connector makes the device easy to deploy, while its shock and vibration resistance makes it conducive to outdoor use. Further, AAEON offers unique additions such as I/O cable locks and a shock absorber to protect the device’s hardware, alongside the option of a conformal coating on the motherboard to prevent condensation damage, expanding the UP Element i12 EDGE’s scope of use to harsher industrial applications.

Integrating the Intel® NUC 12 Compute Element, the UP Element i12 EDGE benefits customers by reducing the resources needed during the design and manufacturing process, along with offering a more diverse range of processors to suit the complexity of specific projects. With the NUC 12 Compute Element, the UP Element i12 EDGE is bedecked with an Alder Lake SoC comprised of 12th Gen Core processors, along with up to 32GB LPDDR5 system memory and Wi-Fi/BT, halving the lead time required to deliver an edge-ready solution.