[PCN] UP Automation Edge Computing

Product Change Notice

In responding to the mainboard (UP board) PCN.
Please be informed that we are having a running part number change for RE-AIOT-IGWS01-A30-CA40232EURF.
It is now RE-AIOT-IGWS01-A30-CA40232EURF-A11.

PCN Note Date: 24/02/2020
Date Effective: Change immediately due to ther is no stock for RE-AIOT-IGWS01-A30-CA40232EURF.
Reason for change: 1. Implement prevention for over-voltage power in.
2. Implementing preventative design in the power circuit to avoid the system boot-up error in high-frequency power on-off operation.
3. Change eMMC brand from Hynix to Sandisk(32G/64G) and Kingston(16G) 3D flash due to Hynix eMMC EOL
AAEON has thoroughly tested and qualified Sandisk/Kingston eMMC.
Product(s) Affected:
UP Automation Edge Computing
Old Model Name New Model Name
■Benefits □Impacts: Enhance system stability for high frequency power on-off
1. Hynix eMMC
2.PCB A1.0
1. Sandisk 3D eMMC(32G/64G); Kingston 3D eMMC(16G)
2. PCB A1.1
Issue Date: Feb 17, 2020
Issue by: Brenda Huang

UP team truly appreciates your understanding and support regarding the changes we have made to the product, and we believe that these changes are going to positively improve the product quality & customer experience.

Warm regards,
UP Team

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