[PCN] UP Squared RoboMaker Series CPU B-1 Stepping phase out

Product Change Notice

Please be informed that we have PCN on UP Squared Series CPU stepping.
This is running change from December 2020.

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PCN Note Date: 28/December/2020
Date Effective: Active by running change from December, 2020
Reason for change: Intel ATOM® Processor x7-E3950 (formerly: Apollo Lake) B1 Stepping phase out.
Product(s) Affected:
UP Squared Relevant Solution Kits
Ordering Part number
Old part number New part number
RE-UPS-X70864-RBM01 RE-UPS-X70864F-RBM01
RE-UPS-X70864-RBM02 RE-UPS-X70864F-RBM02
Change Details:
  • Intel Atom® processor x7-E3950 (Formerly Apollo Lake) B1 stepping phase out; UP Squared E3950 series need to introduce new Intel F1 stepping Atom® processor x7-E3950.
  • UP Squared Board within the respective kits is updated with the above relevant Intel F1 stepping ATOM® Processor board
Old P/N
New P/N
Intel Atom® processor x7-E3950 AAEON #1440E39500 FCBGA1296.LH8066803102601.S R33P, A.2 AAEON # 1440E39502 FCBGA1296.LH8066803102601.SREK9. SMD.MM#983201(F1)
Item Old P/N New P/N Impacted Part: UP Squared Board the rest of components inside UP Squared Pack remain the same
Kit RE-UPS-X70864-RBM01 RE-UPS-X70864F-RBM01 UPS-APLX7-A20-0864 UPS-APLX7F-A20-0864
Kit RE-UPS-X70864-RBM02 RE-UPS-X70864F-RBM02 UPS-APLX7-A20-0864 UPS-APLX7F-A20-0864
■ Benefits □Impacts: Change CPU substitute parts to prolong the product life.
Intel Atom® processor x7-E3950 B-1 stepping Intel Atom® processor x7-E3950 F1 Stepping.
Issue Date: December 28, 2020
Issue by: Owen Wei

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