Phoenix OS is running on the UP board

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We have very exciting news for the UP community – Phoenix OS is running on the UP board.

As you are aware, the UP board can support Windows 10 and Android Lollipop natively, however, before now we had not tested the UP board with the Android OS. On January 6th, Phoenix OS launched their first x86 support for Android OS. The UP team then downloaded it from their website and checked if it would work with the UP board.

It worked just fine. The installation instruction was very easy to follow and it took less than 10 minutes to finish all installations. Phoenix OS is Android-based, however, the user interface is so much Windows-like. It has built-in open office, internet browser and other essential apps. Later on they will integrate Google Play Store in the next version, it means that users can just download whatever apps they require from the Google Play Store, it provides huge possibilities from an applications point of view.

We have established contact with Phoenix OS and had our first conference call with their team. They are very positive and are happy to support our UP community. We are going to send them one innovator version UP board and they are going to add more components for us, such as adding a display resolution setting, Google Play Stores and others. They will do the refinement with the UP board and provide a free download to the UP community.  Isn’t that cool!

Here, please view the video to get the experience with Phoenix OS.

UP and Phoenix OS ( Android-based)

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