supports UP! supports UP!
After our successful joint demo with at Embedded World this past week, we’re very excited to announce that now supports the UP board!

The UP board is a community-funded board, designed for ‘professional makers’ who need a reliable, high-performing device to build and grow their projects. The UP board is x86-based with a Raspberry Pi compatible 40-pin connector. Get the full picture on UP here. brings UP users a modern development workflow and a scalable platform to remotely deploy and manage their fleets. UP users can now enjoy all the benefits of running Docker containers on their devices with!

To get started with the UP board on resin.iologin to your account, select the UP board from the device type drop down menu, and follow our getting started guide. Note that the operating system (resinOS 2.0 – more on that soon!) is still marked as a release candidate as we finish up some tests.

Yet another support for our tiny credit card sized board – bringing our users the best as always!