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We have heard all of your wishes and we are working to make those wishes come true in the mass production version of the UP board. In parallel of the Ubilinux OS development,which will be enabled  for UP ONLY, the OS is almost ready for download for innovator’s testing ; the testing on the first engineering sample batch is continuing ,and we will soon finish the second schematics which will include the following features:

  •  x5-Z8350 CPU
  • 2GB/4GB RAM 64-bit memory bus
  • HDMI-CEC  support
  • both DSI and eDP interface display on one connector
  • true innovative and more powerful 40-pin expansion

We decided to change to the x5-Z8350 CPU, which increases the maximum CPU burst frequency to 1.92 Ghz and introduced the new graphic branding Intel HD Graphic 400, so that our backers can have UP with the most updated technology.


Though Intel only declares 2GB RAM in the x5-Z8350 specification, it does not mean that 4GB RAM is not possible; we have done some trials by putting 2GB RAM in 1GB RAM design architecture, so we do believe 4GB* RAM is feasible and we are going to do it. It is going to be beneficial to applications which require a lot of memory resources, such as video streaming and others. (*we will verify if z8350 provides the same characteristic as z8300 to upgrade to 4GB RAM once Intel ships z8350 sample )


Your idea to run Kodi or Openelec on the UP board has been embraced by our team. As you can see from the new design we are working on, the new UP board will support HDMI-CEC and include 2GB RAM to provide a better experience with a media center like Kodi.


While there are more and more eDP interface displays introduced to the market, we decided to offer the possibility to accommodate both DSI and eDP interface at the same time. In this way, you can have options to choose different type of displays in the future.

A true innovation in Maker board architecture will be provided with the 40-pin (GP-bus). This feature will make the UP-board 40 pin GP-bus a better match with the RPi2 HAT and it will EXPAND the capabilities of the HAT-bus even further; here there are some details:


We wish to say sorry to backers who are expecting shipment of the UP board in February. We expect UP board shipments to start in April due to the above enhanced architecture, but we assure you that you will be proud of the UP board functionality and performance.

In return of your support, All Kickstarter UP backers will receive ABS plastic chassis and HDMI for free when we start to ship, besides this you can buy additional accessories without paying extra shipping cost by applying your personal coupon code* on UP shop.

*personal coupon code will be sent to Kickstarter UP backers’email early next week

UP Shop is open for pre-order NOW!