[Tech Update] Benchmark Testing of UP Squared, Raspberry Pi 4 & Jetson Nano

UP Squared/ Raspberry Pi 4/ Jetson Nano: performance and platform comparison

We have ran a set of benchmarks to evaluate CPU and Memory performance of UP Squared, Raspberry Pi 4 and Jetson Nano.


Upcoming benchmark testing: GPU and AI. Stay tuned!

Are you curious to know how UP Squared performed? Let’s have a look at the results:

Test Systems:

  • UP Squared N4200 4GB RAM
  • Jetson Nano 4GB RAM
  • RPi4 4GB RAM

The test is performed by keeping the system aligned as much as possible, realizing the hardware differences and considering the following baseline:

  • All systems are Quad Core
  • Same RAM: 4GB
  • Same Storage amount: 32GB
  • Same OS type: Ubuntu 18.04 64bit
  • Same version of Phoronix-Test-Suite and test version

Comparison Overview:

The results with the greatest spread from best to worst included:
✔ Stream (Type: Copy) at 3.92x
✔ OpenSSL (RSA 4096-bit Performance) at 2.68x
✔ PHPBench (PHP Benchmark Suite) at 2.3x
✔ RAMspeed SMP (Type: Copy – Benchmark: Integer) at 2.25x
✔ perf-bench (Benchmark: Sched Pipe) at 2.21x
✔ Parallel BZIP2 Compression (256MB File Compression) at 2.13x
✔ Java SciMark (Computational Test: Composite) at 2.03x
✔ x264 (H.264 Video Encoding) at 1.94x
✔ PyBench (Total For Average Test Times) at 1.89x


UP Squared N4200 4GB had the most wins, coming in first place for 90% of the tests.
▶ Comparison of UP Squared with the RPi4 and Jetson system’s performance shows,

  • superior performance for applications written with the most used programming language, compression tests and network/server applications
  • improved performance in cryptography, encoding and imaging
  • better results for generic CPU tests and memory tests

UP Squared sits on a higher price range compared to Jetson and RPi4 systems, and while it shares some of the I/O available with the other systems, such as the 40pin General Purpose Header and multiple Video Out, it offers users much more power and expandability with,

  • Multiple and Higher Speed USB ports: 3x USB3.0 (Type A), 1x USB 3.0 OTG (Micro B) ), 2 x USB2.0 (internal header)
  • Faster Embedded Storage with multiple options: 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB eMMC, SATA3
  • Multiple Network Interfaces: 2x Gb Ethernet ports, optional WiFi/BT via M.2 2230 (including WiFi 6 modules), optional 3G/4G Connectivity via MiniPCIe
  • Expansion: 40 pin General Purpose bus + 4-channel 12-bit A/D converter 60 pin
  • AI Vision Kit: AI Core-X module (based on Intel Movidius Myriad-X) optional via MiniPCIe
  • Gateways: RED certification including supported Wireless interfaces (WiFi/BT, 3G/4G, LoRa)


While Raspberry Pi 4 model B and Jetson Nano Dev Kit are mainly development boards, UP Squared is an extremely versatile and powerful embedded platform for development and ready to be used in deployment. Using one platform from prototype to production is ideal for Software developers, Embedded Engineers and Data Scientists to reduce the effort and risks in their IoT, Robotics and AI/Machine Vision projects.


For more questions, you are welcome to join https://www.up-community.org/, where technical experts can help!

Warm regards,
UP Team

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