The power of 16x Myriad X –your AI Vision Accelerator

We already made AI Core X for one-Myriad X with mPCIe interface, AI Core XM 2280 for two-Myriad X with M.2 2280 B+M key,  and Vision Plus X for three-Myriad X as a carrier board for UP Core Plus. What is next?  Now we introduce AI Core XP for up to eight-Myriad X with PCIe[x4] interface.

At Embedded World 2019, we demonstrated AI Core XP8 and visitors were overwhelmed by the speed of deep learning processing. 

Today, our team is trying to see how fast it could be if we have two AI Core XP8 cards on a desktop computer without using any CPU and GPU.  

We are amazed by the processing speed. It achieves 1440+ FPS under OpenVINO R5.1 in GoogleNet. 

For developers who intend to run multi-models and use multi-camera’s, AI Core XP will definitely serve all your needs! 

 Get it now at UP Shop from $379

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