The UP Xtreme i14 – Leverage Meteoric AI Innovation

The UP Xtreme i14 – Leverage Meteoric AI Innovation

Leveraging the significant advancements in integrated computing provided by the new Intel® Core™ Ultra processor platform, the UP Xtreme i14 grants users increased potential for AI application development across a wider range of markets than any of its predecessors. Providing exceptional expansion alongside MIPI camera support, four 8K display outputs, and UP’s signature 40-pin GPIO, the UP Xtreme i14 is a true breakthrough for those seeking an advanced development solution.

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The UP Xtreme i14 is available for pre-order until 5th of July.

AI-Integrated SoC Architecture

The UP Xtreme i14 introduces the new Intel® Core™ Ultra processor platform to the UP catalog, benefiting from a new high-performance CPU core architecture and onboard LPDDR5. This combination enables the board to execute heavy task loads and real-time data processing with ease. The chip’s integrated CPU, GPU, and NPU provide up to 32 TOPS for advanced industrial robotics, frictionless retail, and smart healthcare, while also maintaining power efficiency. UP also institutes power limitations via CPU frequency scaling to maintain the stability of the board’s CPU temperature and voltage during operation.

Elite, Expandable Board Design

A total of four M.2 Keys support Wi-Fi, 5G, and AI acceleration module installation. Further, a plethora of interfaces suitable for a range of embedded markets, including a 40-pin GPIO, multiple LAN and USB ports, and a serial port header, offer the necessary peripheral support to develop advanced AMR and frictionless retail solutions. Additionally, a broad 9V-36V power input range facilitates the board’s deployment in industrial control settings.

Unmatched Image Quality

The UP Xtreme i14’s ability to capture and process visual data, combined with the quality of its display outputs, is industry-leading. The board’s dual MIPI camera support provides higher resolution image acquisition for real-time edge processing. A total of two HDMI 2.1 ports, DP 2.1, and one DP 1.4 via USB Type-C are all capable of achieving 8K resolution at 60Hz, leverage Intel® Arc™ graphics to deliver crystal clear imaging for AI-assisted healthcare imaging, smart retail signage, and POS solutions.