Thermal Solution on UP Squared

What kind of thermal solution will be applied on UP Squared ?
Our aim is to always have a passive heatsink. Today we are sharing our first heatsink design with you.
The SDP of N3350 and N4200 is 4W, however, we know there is more to be managed. We learnt this from the x5-z8350 which claims SDP 2W but generates more than that in running a graphic-intensive program.
Besides the heat dissipation of the board itself, we would also like to consider what the thermal solution should be when it comes to a system level and here you go…
From the picture, you can see that we turned the board upside down. As the SoC is the major source of heat and heat goes up, the placement will make the heat dissipation more effective. During the first attempt, we made the heatsink as big as possible to see what will happen.
We also didn’t forget that there is a 60-pin EXHAT on the same side of SoC, therefore we will leave some space for the connector. How about fixing holes for the chassis? For Kickstarter, all UP Squared will come with 4 stand-offs, so that you can fix it easily to your chassis. In case you don’t have a chassis, the stand-offs can also act as temporary supporting pillars for your development.
Thus far, the test result seems satisfying, though there are many other tests still to go. This is our initial starting point and from hère on we are able to begin our chassis design.
Stay tuned! There is more to come!