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Thanks to the compact size and low power consumption of the UP board, it makes UP an ideal embedded board for an IoT Gateway. Using UP as the Gateway hardware platform, you will need software to run on the Gateway in order to enable communication with your sensors and actuators and manage the data to the cloud – that enabling software is “ubiworx™”. UP has also been certified by Microsoft Azure Cloud.

What is ubiworx™ ?
ubiworx™ is provided by Emutex and is an IoT software framework for embedded systems. ubiworx™ enables UP to bridge sensors, actuators and machines with data analytics systems and smartphone applications to form complete IoT Gateways in Internet of Things solutions.
UP IoT Gateways powered by ubiworx™ are easily configured to collect and locally analyse measurements from connected sensors. Using user programmable rules, ubiworx processes the data to produce valuable information and events before communicating them securely and reliably to private/public monitoring and reporting systems, including data cloud services, SCADA and ERP systems.
Users can access live and historical information through computing devices including PCs and smartphones. Actuators may also be connected to IoT Gateways powered by ubiworx™. This capability enables systems and users to remotely control instruments and machines.

UP with ubiworx™
ubiworx™ is developed by the same team for UP ubilinux, and ubiworx™ can be considered to be the best IoT software for the UP board. During Embedded World, an event in Nuremberg last month, we installed a live demo which showed how ubiworx™ enabled the UP board to work with EnOcean sensors.

Get your free ubiworx™
The really good news is that the lite edition of ubiworx™ is available free of charge for non-commercial use and can be downloaded directly from the ubiworx™website for user’s to try it out.  Registration is required to set up the user access to the device management portal.  Please go ahead and select the Download Ubiworx tab which is included on the ubiworx™ website.