UP Announcement Regarding COVID-19


UP is pleased to announce there have been no reported infections among any of our staff
In response to inquiries regarding the recent ongoing outbreak of the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19 also known as SARS-CoV-2), UP, an innovative brand of AAEON Technology, announces that all branches have resumed normal operations with no issues reported.

The health and wellbeing of individuals are the first priority for us, especially for those who work closely in the production line, and we stand together with the communities by monitoring employee health status and in line with local regulations to combat this global health issue.

The impact on the production schedule
All UP boards are 100% manufactured in Taiwan, where operations continue as normal. However, UP relies on some suppliers from China for a limited number of components, such as HDMI/DP connector, the lead time of these components is now much longer than we had anticipated.

Our production line holds stocks on-hand for online orders on UP shop, however, as the inventory may fulfill coming orders shortly while the next delivery time is extended over a certain time frame. Hence, we encourage customers who are running project-based to place new orders as far in advance as possible to lessen the impact of the extended lead time on your projects.

UP is committed to providing industry-leading service but we also committed to our employees regarding health and safety. We encourage everyone to follow good respiratory hygiene regularly, supply sanitizer in all building facilities, and pay close attention to wellbeing condition. Meanwhile, we continuously monitor the production line and will provide customers with updates and do our best to fulfill your orders.

You can also follow updates regarding UP operations during this time at the following link: https://up-shop.org/39-covid-19-notice

Sincerely yours,
UP Team


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