UP in partnership with Predixion Software

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UP in partnership with Predixion

UP continues to bridge the gap by expanding partnerships with leading industries in the market. Our latest partnership is with Predixion Software, a developer of real-time visual edge analytics software for the Internet of Things.

“We are very happy and excited for the partnership with Predixion,” said Fabrizio Del Maffeo, UP Founder and Managing Director of AAEON Europe. “UP is a platform made for professional makers and innovators in IoT and it has been adopted as a reference platform in Home Automation, Retail, Digital Signage and Vending markets. Thanks to the integration of Predixion RIOT, UP users will have the chance to run analytics on the edge.”

Predixion has announced a significant expansion in its partner and OEM ecosystem, which includes the UP board. This will enable the easy deployment of RIOT software, including pre-installation of RIOT on Internet of Things (IoT) gateways and smart devices. UP board users can simply install and enjoy all the features from Predixon software.

Unlike traditional IoT analytics solutions that only operate by pulling data from the edge and processing at the data center, Predixion RIOT is a fully embedded visual analytic engine that runs directly on the edge device to provide actionable insight in real time, where the data is generated. This type of solution is necessary in predictive maintenance scenarios where machine uptime is vital. Due to this, the integration of Predixion RIOT in industries where the UP board has been adopted as a reference platform ; like retail, home automation, vending markets and digital signage ; make this a partnership which will highly benefit its users. The UP board can perform as the gateway and work seamlessly with the Cloud to provide real-time data.

About Predixion RIOT
Predixion RIOT is the industry’s first real-time visual edge analytics software that truly lives and operates at the edge of the network. It delivers the following new capabilities for OEMs and Enterprise customers:
– Ease of Deployment: Out of the box, organizations can dynamically deploy advanced, real-time, visual edge analytics on-device, on-gateway, or in-the-cloud;
– Continuous Actions: RIOT supports connected, partially-connected and disconnected environments so decisions can be made in real-time without reliance on network connectivity;
– Visual Analytics Trigger Real Time Actions: RIOT allows organizations to conduct predictive maintenance and predictive operations management, with workflows triggered by the output of the analytics.

The UP board will be tested with Predixion software and the light version will be available to download for free at UP Community. www.up-community.org