UP Innovator kits delivery & UP in Intelligent Vending

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At the first week of the year, we are going to update you on exciting news.

We are starting to ship the UP innovator kits!

All of the UP boards and accessories for the innovator kits have arrived, and we are doing the final packaging and preparing the shipping documents. If everything goes well, we will be able to ship the kits out by express carrier from next Monday. At this moment, we plan to use TNT express for European shipments, and Fedex express for the rest of the world, we would like to make sure all of the products arrive in really good condition. The UP community team is preparing an open-box tutorial and will also upload ubilinux OS, Windows drivers and all necessary documentations. Innovators will be able to get the UP board running by following simple instructions.

The innovator kit
We ship the innovator kits by express carrier

UP in Intelligent Vending 

In line with the trend of Internet of Things, even vending machines are evolving to smart vending. The concept of smart vending is that the vending machine should connect to the cloud and remotely suppliers are able to monitor parameters from the vending machine, such as sales, stock level, temperature and others. With this information, suppliers will be able to monitor machine status and plan their stock replenishment and machine maintenance and improvement upgrade schedules.

The introduction of the UP board gives vending machine manufacturers the access to a powerful CPU and GPU at a reasonable price and the chance to leverage the Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending for rapid prototypes and mass production. Enabling the Intelligent Vending has never been so easy!

The UP team received an invitation from the Microsoft IoT team to demonstrate how the UP board can be used in vending machines and connected with the Microsoft cloud Azure, to serve the smart vending segment.

Today, we are going to show you the first part, the UP board work with Intel Sunset Pass board (SSP) to replace the function of ARM-based computers which was used for payment detection and motor control.

Reference of Intel Smart Vending  & Azure Cloud:
Intel Smart vending
Microsoft Azure Cloud

the UP board vending machine bill collector demo
the UP board vending machine bill collector demo
the UP board Vending machine Intel API demo
the UP board Vending machine Intel API demo