UP Product News Update-April

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AI Core XP

[AI Edge] UP AI Core XP is a new member of the UP AI Core family. It is a PCIe[x4] AI video accelerator with 4x M.2280 slot which is installed with AI Core XM 2280. The design makes it flexible to have 4x/ 6x/ 8x Intel Movidius™ Myriad™ on the card. The PCIe[X4] card can go with any motherboards with PCIe[x4] interface. Availability: End of May'2019. Pre-order now at UP Shop.

UP Xtreme

[UP Xtreme] UP Xtreme is the latest UP platform powered by Intel 8th gen Core CPU. It is the first Core i platform in UP family and provides versatile expansion M.2230, M.2 2280, 100-pin to go with the existing carrier board such as NetPlus and Vision Plus X. Availability: Stay tuned for our Kickstarter campaign in June.

AI Edge

[AI Edge] Now in NetPlus we offer 2 configurations– 4x i211 Ethernet port version and 4x i210 Ethernet port version. i210 version is a newly added variation to support TSN. TSN brings guaranteed real-time performance to standard Ethernet. For industrial applications, TSN provides a common, deterministic foundation for various industrial protocols and will ultimately reduce network complexity, decrease networking costs, improve security, and further IT/OT convergence in industrial settings. Availability: End of May'2019, pre-order now at UP Shop.

New Product Introduction

UP Product News


[Accessories] By introduction new ATOM SKU, we have to make different chassis to fit different CPU due to the height of CPU. In the meanwhile, we also make it possible to accommodate the heat-pipe if users would like to install AI Core X inside. PN:EP-CHUPSMTVAC&P & EP-CHUPSMTVBPLX Available: now at UP shop.


[Accessories] To add AI Core X into UP Squared chassis, we suggest to replace the passive heat sink with a heat-pipe. It dissipates the heat efficiently and brings you the full performance of AI Core X without throttling. PN:EP-FNAICMX-2485 Available: now at UP shop.


A line-up of LoRa Edge Computes are introduced at UP shop. They are powered by UP or UP Squared. We have different flavors available no matter with dev. SW or w/o dev. SW. UP team works with LoRa SW leader, The Things Network, ResIoT, IoT in a box, to make your LoRa project easy and quick. PN: RE-AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU RE-AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU-NWK RE-AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU-IOT RE-AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU-IIB UPS-EDLA-X70864-UW01 Available: now at UP shop


[Automation] Will UP be a solution for automation? Yes, we make AIO and serial ports available. In addition, we also bundle ESF automation IoT management SW. Check it. PN: RE-AIOT-IGWS01-A30-CA40232EURF RE-AIOT-IGWS-CA40232EU-ESF01 Available: now at UP shop

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