UP Squared development update

The clock is ticking and we’re developing the innovator version of UP Squared.

UP Squared innovator version
We have made a new PCB gerber and are anxiously anticipating our new PCB’s within 2 weeks time. From then on we will revalidate them and prepare to welcome UP Squared innovators in our UP Community! All UP innovators will receive an invitation letter from UP Community’s private validation section and UP Squared beta version by the end of February.

E3940 release postponement

While we focus on the UP Squared validation, we also received an announcement from Intel that the first production of Apollo Lake E3900 series will be delayed till Q3 2017. This delay indeed disturbs our plan to deliver E3940 SKU, therefore, we will begin contacting backers who have pledged E3940 SKU on Kickstarter and make changes in their pledge rewards.

The schedule is still promising and we are within schedule to begin shipping UP Squared rewards in April. Nevertheless, it is a little bit tight, but we aim to make it happen.

Keep those fingers crossed!