UP Xtreme is almost ready!

This month we are pleased to bring you news on our most powerful board to date, UP Xtreme which is due to be in stock at UP Shop this October. Apart from its Intel 8th gen Core CPU, 8GB onboard memory, 40-pin HAT, multiple expansion slot, rich I/O, AI accelerator ready and 12-60V DC power input, UP Xtreme delivers on much more features than it revealed earlier. This is yet another demonstration of the UP team’s ambition to embody and provide solution platforms rather than just plain hardware.  

UP Xtreme has been selected by Intel as the platform for the Software Foundation Kit and Connectivity Reference Kit. Comprehensive software stakes, such as OpenVINO run time, Media SDKMicrosoft Azure and AWS Green Grass Cloud Connector are developed for UP Xtreme. The Ubuntu developer OS will be available to download for free or bundled with it as a kit. Thanks to our collaboration with Intel, UP Xtreme will be certified with worldwide safety and wireless standard. ODM now has the ability to leverage the certification for system-level products with the least cost, based on the recommended configuration. Our joint-effort with the Intel Internet of Things group aims to shorten the time to market both in software and hardware integration. The UP team is proud to be a part of this collaboration! 

A microcontroller (STM32) feature was not mentioned very clearly in our initial campaign. The team have been working hard behind the scenes to enable this function and we are happy to announce that it is now available. A CEC feature (Consumer Electronics Control) has been requested since the first generation of UP and it’s now possible to have it on UP Xtreme. Further more users can program I/O as they wish, using various tools such as Arduino CreatePlatformio and more. This means that apart from the existing I/O on UP Xtreme, you can bring out CAN, 12-bit ADC, GPIO, I2C, UART, SPI, USB2.0 and timer. We’ve decided to make some I/O’s available via a Phoenix connector on a system-level product i.e.: UP Xtreme Edge. We’ve attempted putting MCU and x86 SoC on the one board and we succeeded!  

UP Xtreme Edge will be added to the UP Edge Compute fleet as one of the fully certified AI and IoT ready edge computing systems. The system is designed to run at operating temperature -20~70°C, and ready to accommodate 2x Myriad X via M.2280 interface with AI Core XM2280. Since UP Xtreme is compatible with Vision Plus X and Net Plus carrier boards, the team is also evaluating another chassis to be designed to fit the carrier boards.

As the most powerful ultra-low voltage Intel 8th Gen Core platform, UP Xtreme is perfect for robotics, automation, retail, AI and IoT providing longevity till 2031. Take advantage of the software stakes for different use cases and leverage UP’s eco-system. Let’s drive everything to the Xtreme.

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