UP Xtreme MCU Cable Set – Programs its MCU and explores the great potential

UP Xtreme MCU Cable Set is available now!

Already have the UP Xtreme board?
Want to make the most of its potential?

Here is the MCU Cable Set, which can be used to program different I/O via MCU on UP Xtreme as you wish!

We designed 40-pin HAT – Phoenix 1 Connector, MCU – Phoenix 2 Connector, you can configure the functionalities of GPIO, ADC, I2C, by programming the MCU with the preferred framework. So that you can connect to external sensors easily to execute more tasks.

Also, there are also Serial Ports on UP Xtreme, developers can use the COM Cable to connect to the COM Port and bring it out to DB9.

By default, the MCU comes pre-programmed with the CEC functionality (Consumer Electronics Control) so the users can control by remote their UP Xtreme when connected to the TV via HDMI, like a media center. Developers can take advantage of the versatile STM32 MCU, re-defining the I/O using frameworks and tools such as Arduino Create, PlatformIO, STMCube and more running their application on bare-metal or RTOS like Mbed and ZephyrOS.


Resource: Pinout UP Xtreme MCU

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For more questions, you are welcome to join https://www.up-community.org/, where technical experts can help!

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