UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance – An intelligent surveillance solution

Surveillance cameras are installed everywhere today by recording footages passively, how can we bring it to the next level by adding intelligence inside? A smart surveillance understands what it sees and reacts on it; it monitors an area by creating a virtual fence, generates heatmap and counts people flow to give insights. All of these features come in one box — UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance. An AI-enabled NVR solution, it works proactively on the video stream and supports up to 32 cameras* simultaneously.
*Compatible with Intel® Core™ i7-8665UE CPU and upgrade to Milestone XProtect® Express+


Together with Intel®, Milestone and SAIMOS®, UP team reform security into an intelligent surveillance solution by applying deep learning and video analytics technologies. The traditional approach to security monitoring involves a reliance on analog security cameras which record constantly, based on one-way information delivery. The following concerns arise when deploying the system:

  1. large amount of space required to store footage on network video recorders (NVRs);
  2. one NVR required per location considering the bandwidth usage for 24/7 streaming;
  3. high cost for verticals such as banking, retail and hospitality industries as they would need to deploy more IP cameras on NVR as well as large-scale software packages to ensure better security levels;
  4. when it comes to an incident of shoplifting or intrusion, the NVR appliance requires a person to review all footage and this can take many hours before finding the incident scene.

Our partner – Milestone, a global-leading pioneer within open platform video management software (VMS) spotted these issues and successfully developed their video platform software for digital surveillance. With the fine foundation, we bring in SAIMOS® who is the expert in running Video Analytics on a VMS platform. The integration solves video storage issues, processing multi-cameras at-the-edge from different locations, reducing cost on video monitoring for service industries and alarming users when objects are detected. When it comes to perimeter intrusion, highly-priced security systems and time-consuming investigation of CCTV footage, entrepreneurs can now enjoy a worry-free life and focus on the growth of their companies.

An integrated surveillance solution that maximizes the performance of each component

Thanks to in-depth data analytics by SAIMOS®, video management software (VMS) by Milestone, high-performance CPU at low power by Intel® 8th Gen Core™ i CPU, AI inference at-the-edge via Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance is our answer to retail, banking, and small business surveillance.


To accelerate Computer Vision, UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance features an UP AI Core XM 2280, AI hardware accelerator with 2x Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X. These can run simultaneously on the chip and process inferencing and the images are given to the Neural Compute Engine.

Furthermore, in order to maximize the accuracy of AI inference and enable large scale analytics systems, the solution is configured for Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ that helps developers to speed up streamline deep learning inference and computer vision deployments.


“It offers video analytics combined with a modern video management system that integrates everything in one box and can be used with new infrastructure as well as existing infrastructure,” said Jürgen Konetschnig, CTO of SAIMOS®. The hardware and software are integrated in a way that makes the surveillance approach easier and simpler for users in all fields.

Figure 1: A demo displays Counting Statistics, Heat Map, Occupancy Statistics and Occupancy in real-time

Once UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance solution is installed, the platform is easy-to-use and provides intuitive analytic parameter settings for users to have a comprehensive overview of the entire surveillance installation. The solution can connect up to 32 cameras (compatible with Intel® Core™ i7-8665UE CPU) and perform industry standards, such as H.265 (HEVC), H.264(AVC) and VP9, to constantly monitor scenes and enable automatic image capture with configurable fps in dynamic surveillance environments.

Figure 2: UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance solution connects to 8 cameras, but it can run up to 32 cameras.

Key features of UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance include counting and heatmapping, perimeter protection, dynamic blurring and object detection. The solution equips itself with data analytics at-the-edge and encrypted communication to interpret data in real-time for increased situational awareness. It notifies users to take action proactively. For example, to prevent intrusion, the solution can instantly send an alarm to maintenance personnel when people enter a restricted area of a market. The system is a scalable solution in number of cameras and also the AI acceleration.

Features highlights:
–People and Object counting
–Heat mapping
–Perimeter Protection
–Dynamic blurring
–Left/removed object detection
–Supports up to 32 cameras ( default software license for 8 camera)

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance helps take digital surveillance to new heights, reaching new adaptability, bringing modern surveillance culture to the next level!
This market-ready solution is now available to pre-order at UP shop.

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