UPgrade to Core i3, i5, i7

We’re well aware that you’ve been waiting for a system with the Intel® Core™ series for a while now.
Prior to launching UP Extreme, we present you with a mini PC selected by UP.

Powered by Intel® Core™ 8th generation Kaby Lake, pre-configured with 4GB/8GB memory and SSD with up to 256GB, this product is ideal for light industrial use cases or educational purposes.

Wanna get one to start?  Buy at UP shop from $428 ( Core i3), $588 (Core i5), $698 (Core i7).

What is “selected by UP” ? 
The UP team focuses on a range of products for different vertical markets. Besides all the products designed by UP team, we also select products from other suppliers which fit within specific market segments and demonstrate its value to users. When it comes to volume projects, these selected products are able to be customized.



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