What are the innovators doing at UP community?

It has been a few weeks since we sent out the UP innovator kits, and our innovators have spent their time playing around with the boards and have provided great feedback to help further improve UP. You may be wondering what exactly have they been doing, today we will go behind the scenes to check out the UP community.
There are many useful files in the DOWNLOADS section including the ubilinux OS, Windows drivers & installation guide , 2D drawing, 3D drawing,  and later on we will also provide the Windows 10 IoT image and more. Even though the UP board is not an open hardware, we will still try to provide all of the necessary information, and as long as there is no critical concern, we are happy to provide all tools for your project development. When our innovators said they would like to design a 3D chassis for the UP board, we immediately provided the 3D file.
DOWNLOADS @ UP community
This is the most interesting and active section – the Forum. We were quite amazed by our innovator’s specialities when they introduce themselves in the forum, many of them have more than 10 years experience in Linux and come from all over the world. The most impressive is that they greeted each other and explored the UP board together, this is exactly how we would like the UP community to work.

The UP innovators were testing many features which we have not tried yet, such as Fedora. The Fedora 23 Server edition is running on the UP board now, a quote from the innovator BLamboo “I tried using the Up as a tiny Plex media server and it seems capable of transcoding H.264/DTS 1080p video with audio to a 4mbit stream.It was also able to do two simultaneous 720p transcode streams (also to 4mbit). Really impressed with the CPU performance so far!”

In addition, some innovators installed Kodi, open source home theatre software as a media center, and some installed VLC to play MKV files. BReichert validated Watterott RPI Display 2.8 ” with the UP board.  All of their tests help us to refine the UP board for its mass production.

BReichert validated Watterott RPI Display 2.8 “
We would like to give a BIG THANKS to our active innovators:
Shane, BJBeare,PMulder,BReichert,stesmi,LSkokan,BLamboo,MCoenen,BReichert,GSalzmann, MKhair,FBaldassarri.

THANK YOU for your contribution, let’s keep going.