Design Manufacturing Services

UP Bridge the Gap offers exceptional end-to end services – from designing the initial concept to delivering the end product to market.

UP Bridge the Gap’s Design Manufacturing Service (DMS) offers a flexible service to assist you at every step, including product conceptualization, development, manufacturing and aftercare services. All steps are linked through a comprehensive process and closely monitored by dedicated professionals to guarantee the highest level in product quality, reliability and durability.

The UP DMS Advantage

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Understand Your Needs

  • Solutions are based on the proven quality of the UP developer board, and also manufactured using the same strict processes, ensuring consistency.
  • Performance is not easily defined, so suitability testing provides UP with an accurate assessment of project needs, which can then be overseen by one contact window throughout the process.
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Advanced Technology

  • UP is a Titanium member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, enabling UP to provide customers with the latest Intel technologies.
  • UP DMS has the hardware manufacturing capacity and sourcing channels to bring products from concept to mass production.
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Reduced Risk

  • Designed by the same team of technology experts responsible for UP’s standard products, ensuring consistent quality and preventing miscommunication.
  • All standard products have passed certification and undergone thorough testing to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.
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Streamlined Route to Market

  • Modifying the design from a standard product requires fewer development resources, making for seamless customization based on specific application needs.
  • Standard products’ shared components reduce the pressure of material procurement, making for reliable lead times and a faster time to market.

Let's streamline your development process.

Image explaining the Prototype - test - iterate process

Step One


UP offers everything you need to get started quickly on prototyping your design.

Wide software and hardware capability
Pre-configured development kits
Extensive Support
Worldwide delivery in 7 days
Image showing an UP board and the possibility of customizing it.

Step Two


Rather than adapting your idea to available hardware, let’s design a solution that fits your needs.

Complete ODM Services
Customize existing boards/systems
Custom BIOS set-up
Image of UP board going into a box to accentuate the possibility of mass production.

Step Three


UP can mass produce your design to accelerate your time to market.

Long-Term Longevity
Compliance Tested
Continuous Support from UP Team

We want to bring your ideas to life.


All UP products are extensively documented with datasheets, tutorials, and schematics to help you get started easily on your project.

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UP adapts to any environment.

Designed for performance, flexibility, and energy efficiency, the compact UP boards can fit anywhere you need them.

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