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UP is a brand founded by AAEON Technology Europe in 2015. The UP team collaborates with market leaders in different vertical markets to develop integrated solutions and build a large online community to work closely with developers.

UP systems are powered by Intel and built to power edge computing. Designed for reliability. Intel products are designed for high reliability and a long lifetime, with a commitment of guaranteed availability of 15 years.


Our Partner Program helps partner on their Go-to-Market Strategy and corresponding co-marketing activities for amplifying impact on the market.

Security/ Digital Surveillance


Smart Camera/ Retail

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Valuable partnership

Many ISVs or start-ups have received professional suggestion for which HW platforms fits the best to their application and help on how to increase exposure to target audience.

We work closely with our eco-system partners to demonstrate the value of partner’s offering. By teaming up with the first-tier leaders such as Intel®, Microsoft, Amazon, we reach out to larger audience and various global and regional events. The objective is to create add-on value to customers and grow the market together.

With different level of programs, Partner and UP team commit different level of resources to work together. Partner gets our endorsement for potential projects or create solutions to reach out to potential customers.

Our Partners

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Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance

» Accelerate IoT Innovation


» Cloud Computing Service


» Operating Systems and Innovative Applications


» Edge AI Device Management SaaS with OOB Solutions


» ROS-based Robotics Engine Platform

A.I. Tech

» Video Analytic Plugins


» Real-time video analysis on the edge

Accessible Engineering Innovation Corporation

» Engineering solutions provider in idustrial IoT


» Advanced Control and Commissioning for IoT


» Edge Analytics and Operational Intelligence Platform


» Linux-based software platform to reinvent IoT

Gain exposure and grow your business with us

We provide many possibilities to expose solutions in different events such as Embedded World, IOTSWC or many other events from our distributor or strategic partner like Intel, Microsoft and Amazon. And the marketing activities is not only for physical event but for visual event such as successful stories, technical blog or even webinar which can help to maximize the visibility for products of both parties and bring leads which may turn into real project.

Webinars with partners

AI and IoT landscape

Partnership Scheme

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We solve problems, integrate hardware & software to provide solutions. We also provide specialized skills and tailored solutions by understanding our clients thoroughly. Together we:

  • share the same value
  • offer complementary skills
  • have a track record
  • set up the right business structure
  • Amplify our business

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