UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance, powered by Intel® 8th gen processor and 2 Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPUs, is a solution that reforms traditional CCTV into intelligent surveillance by applying deep learning and video analytics technologies.
Smart surveillance understands what it sees and reacts to it; it monitors an area by creating a virtual fence, generates heatmap and counts people flow to give insights. Data Interfaces with RESTful API makes the integration execute smoothly. All of these features come in one box — UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance.
With the right performance, cost, and power efficiency at every node, you can scale vision technology across your infrastructure and unlock new possibilities for visual data.
Being an AI-enabled NVR solution, it works proactively on the video stream and supports up to 32 cameras* simultaneously.

 Intel® Core™ i7-8665UEIntel® Core™ i5-8365UE
Milestone standalone (recording only)**328
SAIMOS® standalone (video analytics only)**168
Combined Milestone + SAIMOS® **8 recording8 recording
& up to 8 SAIMOS® Video Analytics& up to 4 SAIMOS® Video Analytics

*Compatible with Intel® Core™ i7-8665UE CPU and upgrade to Milestone XProtect® Express+
**Default setting for this solution is 8 Milestone recording + 4 SAIMOS® video analytics channels
– If you want to connect more than 8 cameras, then upgrade to Milestone XProtect® Express+
– If you want to connect more than 4 video analytics channels, then purchase extra SAIMOS® video analytics licenses

Intel powers intelligence at the edge of business


Intel® 8th gen of ultra-low power

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance provides a powerful combination of established surveillance and analytics software running on state-of-the-art hardware – ensuring ease of use, flexibility, and power in a small, ruggedized form factor. It supports onboard LPDDR4 with up to 16GB memory and 64GB storage capacity.

With the option of Intel® 8th gen processors, Core™ i5-8365UE / Core™ i7-8665UE, performs computing at-the-edge with low power consumption. Scale AI workloads across Intel® Core™ CPU, integrated GPU, and 2x Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPUs.

Milestone XProtect® VMS

Milestone is a global-leading pioneer within IP video surveillance technology.
Milestone designs, develops and delivers industry-leading IP-based video management software(VMS). They boast over 150,000 installations worldwide, 9,000+ supported devices and unlimited integration possibilities with an open-platform approach.


A market-ready solution with SAIMOS®

SAIMOS® is the expert in running Video Analytics on a VMS platform. By implementing SAIMOS® C3 CORE, it provides different algorithms for several use cases such as perimeter security, people counting and left/removed object detection.
Users can see real-time analytics and take action proactively by its power of extracting security, business and operational insights with snapshots across video surveillance systems.

Key Features

What can you achieve with this kit?

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance automatically creates analytics events and alarms at the time users set the monitoring configuration, hence, it eliminates the need to constantly watch the footage.

For verticals such as banking, retail and hospitality industries, UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance is an ideal solution as it can:

  • Solve video storage issues
  • Process multiple IP-cameras at-the-edge from different locations
  • Reduce cost on video monitoring for service industries
  • Alarm users when objects are detected
  • Connect up to 32 cameras
    • Compatible with Core™ i7-8665UE CPU and upgrade to Milestone XProtect® Express+

The solution equips itself with data analytics at-the-edge and notifies users to take action proactively. For example,

To prevent intrusion, the solution can instantly send an alarm to operators when people enter a restricted area of a market.
To detect person by setting blacklist or whitelist, once the solution detects the marked person, it will send a notification straightaway.

Offering up, amongst other features, people counting and real-time occupancy statistics which provide clear insight of the live-status in supermarkets. With these stats, owners/ government can limit the number of people allowed in the shop. In-store traffic from occupancy statistics can also prevent citizens from entering into crowded stores.

Therefore, UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance is our answer to retail, banking, and small business surveillance.

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance dashboard - 4 video analytics channels
Face Analytics Pro - Extra license required
It offers video analytics combined with a modern video management system that integrates everything in one box and can be used with new infrastructure as well as existing infrastructure.
Jürgen Konetschnig

How it works?

The pre-installed software comes with pre-configured settings, users only make minor changes if needed.

Once UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance solution is installed, the platform is easy-to-use and provides intuitive analytic parameter settings for users to have a comprehensive overview of the entire surveillance installation.

How to bring surveillance to the next level by adding intelligence?


Learn more about how a smart surveillance solution that understands what it sees and proactively reacts to it!

Watch our webinar with Jürgen Konetschnig, CTO of SAIMOS, to learn more about the possibilities!

Application Stories

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance – An intelligent surveillance solution

The traditional approach to security monitoring involves a reliance on analog security cameras which record constantly, based on one-way information delivery. The following concerns arise when deploying the system:

  1. large amount of space required to store footage on network video recorders (NVRs);
  2. one NVR required per location considering the bandwidth usage for 24/7 streaming;

Cameras worldwide collect 2500 petabytes of data a day

Powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ CPUs and fully supported by the OpenVINO™ toolkit, it’s tailor-made to provide AI at the edge: capable of accommodating up to six Intel® Movidius™ Myriad X VPUs and boasting optional WiFi, Bluetooth, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), and Long Range (LoRA) connectivity.                  — Originally published at Intel

Kit Details

Hardware overview

  • UP Xtreme Edge Compute with Intel® 8th gen Core™ SoC
    • Intel® Core™ i5-8365UE (up to 4.1 GHz) supports up to 8 cameras
    • Intel® Core™ i7-8665UE (up to 4.4 GHz) supports up to 32 cameras
  • Intel® UHD Graphics 620 (Core™ i)
  • 19V Power Supply
  • 1x US power cord + 1x EU power cord
  • UP AI Core XM2280 with 2x Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X
  • Thermal block for UP AI Core XM2280

Pre-installed Software

  • Docker-CE
  • k3s Kubernetes
  • ONNX
  • AWS Greengrass
  • SQLite 3
  • Node.js
  • cmake
  • gcc
  • Openssl
  • Openssh-server/client
  • git
  • vim
  • tmux

Solution Specifications

Face Recognition Representation
UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance system Overview
UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance
Hardware - UP Xtreme Edge Compute
CPUIntel® i5-8365UE (up to 4.1 GHz) supports up to 8 cameras /
Intel® i7-8665UE (up to 4.4 GHz) supports up to 32 cameras /
with built-in Intel® UHD Graphics 620
RAMLPDDR4 8GB for Intel® i5-8365UE
LPDDR4 16GB for Intel® i7-8665UE
AI AcceleratorUP AI Core XM2280 with 2x Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X
HDD64GB storage capacity;
Optional SSD with form factor 2.5" 7mm
*Options for a bundle with SSD is available based on project
*SSD should be chosen for storing the video analytics data to get optimized performance.
OSWindows 10 IoT Enterprise
NetworkGigabit Ethernet;
Optional WiFi kit (via M.2 2230) -- Intel® AC9260 card
Optional LTE module kit (via mPCIe) -- Quectel EG25-G
SAIMOS-C3 Core Logo
SAIMOS® C3 CORE Software Overview
Software - SAIMOS® C3 CORE
Functions• Intrusion/ Loitering/ Direction
• Configurable alert timeout
• Objects detection
• Frequency analysis
• Occupancy analysis
• Heatmap
• Customized Dashboard
• Reports
Data Interfaces• RESTful
• Modbus IP
License• SAIMOS® C3 CORE: Full lifetime license for 4 analytics channels. Find out more about the upgrade.
• Milestone XProtect® Essential+: Free license for up to 8 cameras. Find out more about the upgrade.
Language• English
• German
Minimum software versions & prerequisites
Milestone XProtect® version 2018 R3
• Essential+
• Express+
• Professional+
• Expert
• Corporate
SAIMOS® C3 Server version 2019 R2
SAIMOS® C3 Node version 2019 R2
SAIMOS® C3 CORE Plugin version2019 R2
• Visual C++ Redistributable 2015
• .NET Framework 4.7
SAIMOS® C3 CORE QuickStart GuideClick here to download
Software - Milestone XProtect® VMS
XProtect® Essential+XProtect® Express+
Type of deploymentSingle serverSingle server
Number of hardware devices per software licenseFree up to 848
Number of cameras per recording server848
Number of recording servers per system11
Map functionYesYes
Third-party integrationYesYes
Centralized managementYesYes
Microsoft Active DirectoryYesYes
Hardware accelerated video decodingYesYes
XProtect Add-onsN/AYes
Milestone InterconnectN/ARemote site
Click here to see more information


M.2 2230 WiFi kit

Intel® Wireless-AC 9260
(802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0)

mPCIe LTE module kit

Quectel 4G LTE CAT4 Global module

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