UP Squared i12

MIPI-CSI camera support and 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processing on an 85.6mm × 90mm form factor add value, but not cost, to your project.
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As the UP Squared series’ third generation board, the UP Squared i12 introduces a wealth of new features to the 85.6mm × 90mm form factor. Most prominent of these is support for MIPI-CSI cameras and an expanded display interface, which are further augmented by CPU performance upgrades. The UP Squared i12 is also the smallest to be powered by 12th Generation Intel® Core™/Celeron® Processor 7000 Series Processors, which offers a substantial increase in performance and 8GB of onboard LPDDR5 system memory.

The UP Squared i12 is UP’s smallest board supporting a MIPI-CSI camera interface, maintaining the standard 85.6mm × 90mm UP Squared form factor while hosting two MIPI-CSI camera connectors via its carrier board. This gives developers access to more reliable and cost-efficient peripheral camera connections for applications across areas such as smart retail and machine vision.

The smallest board with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, the UP Squared i12 greatly improves upon both the speed and efficiency of its predecessor due to its 4 performance and 8 efficient cores. The UP Squared i12 achieves quadruple its predecessor’s thread count due to Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, alongside onboard LPDDR5 increasing data transmission speed by up to 50% for high-performance robotics solutions.

Supporting the UP Squared i12’s additional camera interface is its three simultaneous 4K displays, courtesy of a dual HDMI 1.4b/DP 1.2 stack connector and DP 1.4b via USB Type-C port. This configuration enables users to make the most of its M.2 2280 M-Key slot by integrating AI modules for enhanced inferencing, expanding the board’s application potential to healthcare imaging.

Smart Retail

Onboard LPDDR5 system memory facilitates fast edge data transmission for frictionless shopping, people-counting, and intelligent vending machine solutions.

Machine Vision

A small form factor and MIPI-CSI camera support allows for discreet, cost-efficient image collection, with edge-based analytic capability via AI expansion cards.

Healthcare Imaging

Multiple display interfaces channel exceptional inferencing via AI module support, enabling smart healthcare solutions such as ultrasounds.


12th Gen Intel® Core™ processing, LPDDR5, and a wealth of peripheral device interfaces provide the foundation for elite robotics applications.

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