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What is RealSense™? Did you ever see movie Minority Report, there Tom Cruise waved his hand in the air and controlled the screen. Yes, that’s it. However, Intel RealSense can do even more than that, it can do face recognition, gesture recognition, scene perception, 3D scanning and more.

According to Intel’s official specification, x5-z8350 shall not support RealSense™, therefore RealSense™ support is never in the UP board’s plan. It started from two months ago, Intel RealSense™ team contacted the UP team to validate RealSense™ camera on the UP board and support it to run on Linux. We explained the limitation coming from the official specification in hardware and software, however, the RealSense™ team really liked the UP board too much and provided a lot of back-up documents to convince us to try.

Intel RealSense Cameras now supported on ubilinux 

Intel RealSense depth-sensing camera technology is now supported in the latest Ubilinux kernel update! The RealSense cameras are equipped with infrared emitters and sensors, enabling depth perception and movement tracking in 3D space.

Sample capture from a Intel RealSense R200 (long-range) camera. From the top-left, anticlockwise: color image, left infrared capture, right infrared capture, depth composition.
Through the open-source, multiplatform librealsense library, depth-enriched image data can be captured and processed with your computer vision software of choice to enable lots of interesting applications: gesture control, facial recognition, 3D scanning and printing, depth-based image filtering, and much more!

The required kernel support (not yet in mainline Linux) has now been integrated into Ubilinux.
An installation guide is available at the UP wiki. More details on integration with popular processing software will also be added in that page.