The UP Squared i12 Edge – The Market-Ready Mini PC

The UP Squared i12 Edge – The Market-Ready Mini PC

Bring edge computing anywhere, with the most compact, versatile, market-ready Mini PC.

New UP Squared i12 Edge is a miniature system with maximum potential. Featuring 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, onboard LPDDR5 system memory, and extensive expansion options, the newest and smallest addition to the UP Edge System line can power remarkably sophisticated solutions across industries.

Industrial Automation and IoT Gateway

The UP Squared i12 Edge is the ideal compact solution for optimizing manufacturing processes. CNVi support via an M.2 2230 E-Key offers wireless data exchange with retrofitted factory equipment, while the high bandwidth offered by the PC’s LPDDR5 system memory allows for faster data acquisition from sensors and cameras. This enables inferencing functions such as anomaly detection for predictive maintenance to be performed by its 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors without latency.

Parking Management

With its robust processing capabilities and AI module support through an M.2 2280 M-Key interface, the UP Squared i12 Edge is well-suited for a range of applications that depend on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), including smart parking structures. By connecting with peripheral devices, the system can effectively monitor parking lot occupancy. Furthermore, it can transmit this information to users through high-definition displays using its HDMI 1.4b/DP 1.2 stack connector, as well as DP 1.4a via the USB Type-C port.

Toll Plaza

When a vehicle enters a toll plaza, the system's advanced processing and inferencing capabilities can identify key parameters such as vehicle type and distance covered. This data can then be analyzed to determine the appropriate toll payable. Further demonstrating its suitability is the PC’s blend of ample onboard and expandable storage. Such features facilitate the collection, processing, and analysis of data directly on the edge. Additionally, this data secured through the hardware-based encryption of onboard TPM 2.0.


12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors enable precise path-planning, a crucial aspect for applications like automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Further, onboard LPDDR5 system memory ensures rapid data transmission at the edge. This UP Squared i12 Edge is also equipped with interfaces that include dual LAN and three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports in a fanless chassis, with compact dimensions measuring just 130mm x 94mm x 68mm. This compact powerhouse holds the potential to emerge as a sophisticated and energy-efficient solution for AGV purposes.

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