Move UP to 13th Gen Performance Across Platform

UP Xtreme and UP Squared ranges reach new heights with the adoption of 13th Generation Intel® Core™ processors.

Now equipped with embedded 13th Generation Intel® Core™ processors in both palm and pocket-sized form factors, UP Squared and UP Xtreme product lines bring flexible, high-powered workload processing, and unparalleled multitasking performance to the edge in a smaller form than previously possible. 

Pushing the boundaries of performance with the 13th Generation platform, the UP Squared and UP Xtreme can take advantage of up to 14 cores and 20 threads, 1.34x faster multi-thread performance, and up to 1.25x faster CPU image classification inference performance. Moreover, the upgrade brings with it more advanced features to augment AI project performance, including a new Vector Neural Network Instruction (VNNI) to substantially boost the inferencing performance of Intel® DL Boost.

13th Generation SKUs now available!

As the standard-bearer for high-performance within the UP board range, the UP Xtreme i12 fully leverages its Intel® Iris® Xe graphics compatibility. It enables end-to-end image acquisition through carrier board-based MIPI CSI cameras and HDMI-in pin wafers, supporting up to four independent displays at resolutions of up to 4K at 60Hz. This provides users with a robust foundation for graphically intensive applications, such as AI-assisted clinical imaging and smart city projects.

Measuring a mere 85.6mm × 90mm, the UP Squared i12 is the world's smallest single-board computer powered by 13th Gen Intel® Core™ CPUs. Designed to offer flexibility for a range of projects, it not only boasts remarkable I/O density but also supports expandability for AI, Wi-Fi, and storage modules. Additionally, the UP Squared i12 is equipped with a Raspberry Pi-compatible 40-pin GPIO header, expanding its capabilities beyond the traditional barebones-style kit, enabling a wider range of functions.

The UP Xtreme i12 Edge is a remarkable high-performance embedded solution tailored for a wide range of vertical markets, including Industry 4.0, intelligent healthcare, and smart transport. Its networking capabilities are expansive, featuring dual LAN, USB 4.0, and COM ports that support RS-232/422/485, providing users with a wealth of communication interfaces for high-speed data transmission. These capabilities are further enhanced by the increased single and multi-thread performance of the latest 13th Generation platform.

From edge gateway applications to intelligent parking management solutions, the UP Squared i12 Edge is equipped with a diverse array of interfaces for connecting peripheral devices, including dual LAN and three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports. The significant increase in inferencing performance, courtesy of the 13th Generation Intel® Core™ CPU range, combined with its substantial 128GB onboard SSD and support for expandable NVMe and SATA storage positions the UP Squared i12 Edge as a formidable choice for edge deployments.