TSN available for UP NetPlus

Are you working on a real-time industrial system project and look for TSN solution?  UP NetPlus could be what you are looking for.

Now in NetPlus we offer 2 configurations– 4x i211 Ethernet port version and 4x i210 Ethernet port version. i210 version is a newly added variation to support TSN. TSN brings guaranteed real-time performance to standard Ethernet. For industrial applications, TSN provides a common, deterministic foundation for various industrial protocols and will ultimately reduce network complexity, decrease networking costs, improve security, and further IT/OT convergence in industrial settings.

TSN features, including:

  • Fine-grained packet scheduling enables 802.1Qbv TSN Time Aware Shapers: 32 nanosecond precision transfers enable implementation of TSN-compliant time-aware-shapers.
  • Dedicated TSN Queues for network priority directly to applications: Dedicated TSN hardware queues to ensure TSN traffic is prioritized above other network traffic.
  • IEEE 802.1AS and IEEE 1588 compliant network synchronization: Timestamps are inserted in packets per TSN specifications.
  • Backwards compatibility with pre-TSN standards – IEEE 802.1Qav (AVB) traffic shaping: Support for IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) for handling of time sensitive media.

NetPlus is a carrier board designed for UP Core Plus. To learn more, join us at UP AI Edge.

Wanna get one to start? Get a UP Core Plus from $149 and NetPlus (i210) at $99 .

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