UP 7000 embedded board, front view
 Next generation of UP Board.

UP 7000

UP 7000 is the 3rd generation of credit card-sized developer board to our UP Boards series. Powered by the latest Intel® Processor N-series platform (formerly Alder Lake-N), UP 7000 offers higher computing performance and dual-channel LPDDR5 memory. It is enhanced for IoT to build efficient solutions for various applications, such as automation, digital signage, IoT gateway, and retail services.

Thanks to the Intel® UHD Graphics Gen12, it offers up to 24EUs with higher graphics capability compared to UP 4000. This platform comes with 1x HDMI 1.4b supporting 4K UHD (3840×2160) at 30Hz for high resolution display.

Just like every UP Boards series, the UP 7000 has support 40-pin HAT GPIO with the same connector and pin definition, giving the developers the freedom to turn their ideas into success. It is very convenient to use and supports different operating systems like Windows and Linux.

With 12V standard industrial power input and TPM 2.0 on board, the UP 7000 is designed to be used in any industrial environment with hardware security features. Check out more features below and start creating your own projects!

Key Strengths

Intel Inside processor badge


UP 7000 Series is powered by Intel® Processor N50/ N97/ N100 (formerly Alder Lake-N), which combines high performance and low power consumption. It supports up to quad-core SoC that can clock up to 3.60 GHz with only 12W TDP.

The performance is up to 1.4x improved compared to previous SoC generation in single thread. The UP 7000 also supports dual-channel LPDDR5 memory, with up to 4800 MT/s.


High-End Graphics

The built-in Intel® UHD Graphics Gen12 with up to 24 Execution Units, which is also a powerful AI engine and available for AI inference. It is a new generation of GPU based on Xe architecture. Support for major datatypes including INT8.

With the HDMI 1.4b port, it is supporting 4K UHD (3840×2160) at 30Hz for high resolution display.

Industrial & Secure

UP 7000 Series has a standard industrial PC operating temperature range of 32~104 F (0~60 C) making it flexible for any applications. It is also designed with industrial standard 12V DC power input.

With the TPM 2.0 on board, it enables greater crypto agility by being more flexible with respect to cryptographic algorithms. UP 7000 also supports secure boot from the BIOS as customized options.


40-pin HAT GPIO can be configured as PWM, UART, I2C, I2S, SPI and ADC. It provides the freedom for developers to build up their solutions. It is supported in both Microsoft Windows and Linux.


UP 7000 series is the approximate size of a credit card just like the UP Board series.

It is designed to fit in any compact application environment.

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What you can achieve with UP 7000?

Just like all the UP boards, the UP 7000 is designed to help developers turn their ideas into success! With the UP 7000, the developers can enjoy the higher computing performance with latest technologies within the same compact form factor for their early development. Then we are keen to help the project move onto the next phase, which is mass production.

With its rich I/O and affordable price, it can be used in various applications in different vertical markets and segments, such as industrial automation, healthcare, retail, and video.

With UP, everything is possible. The beauty of IoT is makers’ creativity has no limitations. UP bridges the gap from hobby to future business!

Vertical Markets

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