Unique UPS for all UP Boards

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The demand for battery powered solutions to embedded computers is increasing nowadays, especially when it comes to applications such as robotics, drone, in-vehicle device or even more. UP board is partnered with Olmatic GmbH to complete this missing piece within your solution.

S.USV UPs is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) module designed by Olmatic for UP and UP Squared which means that you can power your UP boards from a battery or 7-24DC input. With this module, you can place UP with your UPS in many different scenarios without worrying about power input or power failure.

S.USV UPs comes with a plug&play module, which connects the UP board with 40-pin GP-bus, and a 300mAh battery pack. In case, you need more battery capacity, you can also purchase an optional 3000mAh battery pack. At UP Community, there is a detailed installation guide, there is also a youtube video demonstrating step-by-step information for your ease of use.

Olmatic GmbH from Germany is a competent development partner. The portfolio ranges from the development and manufacture of sophisticated products, on their marketing, to the processing of the associated “after-sales market”, all from one source. The resulting added value for customer is unique: assistance in product design, custom fed cuts on sales and marketing concepts and support through out the product lifecycle, implemented professionally and efficiently. Olmatic GmbH also stands for highly technical proprietary developments and has established itself, amongst other things, internationally in the field of uninterruptible power supply on the market.

The cooperation with Olmatic is far wider than just this module. We anticipate that this module will be widely used in the industrial environment; Olmatic is capable of supporting longevity and ODM in case there are project requirements. UP team is delighted to enter this partnership with a very promising outlook.

Get your UPS battery solution for UP and UP Squared ! It is available at UP shop and Olmatic shop now.