Check UP at Embedded World

Is UP a maker board or an embedded board?  The answer is that UP is both. Though UP embraces maker communities and provides technical support through UP community, it doesn’t change the fact that the UP board is a 100% embedded board. Thus, UP board will feature @ Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany from the 14th-16th of March 2017!

From design till product verification process, UP board follows the industrial standard in every step. All the selected components must fulfill longevity and strict industrial specification. Therefore, you can use UP board at 0-60 ℃ operation temperature, within a shocking or vibrating environment and you get the added longevity support for 5 years from 2016-2020. We make it affordable for more applications by reducing the cost of distribution, sales and technical support. There are much more service products to be introduced at UP shop if you want to have a simple customization and direct support. 

What are you going to see there? UP, UP Squared, and a new generation UP. Besides accessories and software of all eco-systems, we are going to unveil many different starter kits in IoT, embedded vision, robotic and industrial automation. All start kit will come with hardware and software, it means you can play your ideas without any hassles.

At Embedded World 2017, UP is going to showcase how UP family can serve the embedded solutions such as smart home, industrial automation, machine vision, digital signage, robotic and even drone. After 9 month of mass production, UP board has been widely used in embedded applications; we are going to show you real products powered by UP. We are so excited about it!

Come to meet us! UP community moderators welcome you to join the big party !