UP Board Virtual Hackathon 2016 Launch

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UP Board Virtual Hackathon 2016

Join us on an incredible two-month long virtual journey of creativity and fun with the tiny credit card sized UP Board! With a heap of excitement, we launch the UP Board Virtual Hackathon 2016 to all our users today.

This virtual event with real rewards is open to everyone who owns an UP Board and is keen to experiment with it to create something original. No matter where in the world you may be situated, we have made it possible for you to partake in this event. Since this is a completely virtual hackathon, it goes beyond the restrictions of borders. So come one, come all! Show us what you may have already tried out with your new UP Board or create something worth demonstrating by the deadline for our valued feedback!

If you own an UP Board then you automatically qualify to enter the contest! If you still need an UP Board then the great news is that you may order one from UP Shop (http://up-shop.org/4-up-boards) without any waiting period! So go on, get yours today and start creating! If you are a company, a start-up or simply a geek, you are very welcome to participate in this event.

You may work on anything you find fascinating and however you would like to do it, as long as the UP Board is the element of each creation. Simply upload your project details to the event page on our webpage. The event page will show all subjects and participants names to the public, however, the project details will only be revealed once the winner is announced. Developers get the chance to work on their projects and share it, with the tutorial, on UP-Community (https://up-community.org/projects)

Once all projects have been uploaded, we will short list 5 projects. Project developers of these 5 projects must ship their creations to the designated venue for final jury evaluation. The overall winner stands a chance of winning €1200 prize money!!

Up Virtual Hackathon Sign Up details:


  • Sign-in: 21st Sep – 31st Oct
  • Contest: 1st Nov – 31st Dec
  • Final demo: 10th Jan
  • Announcement of the winner: 20th Jan


  • Contest: Virtually on the webpage
  • Final demo of the 5 final projects in the short list: Send to AAEON Europe


  • Difficulty (25%): Is it a complex project?
  • Utility (25%): Does it have commercial value?
  • Creativity (30%): Is it creative enough?
  • Scalability (20%): Can it be duplicated easily?


  • €1200 cash for the winner!

Get creative! Take UP your chance to innovate! Work on anything you like with no restrictions using your UP board!